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1.1 Reproducible research on Coursera

1.2 Related statistical tools:

1.2.1 For statistical power, effect sized and CI

G*power, a convenient tool for estimation of statistical power for varieties of tests.

Lakens, (2013) have provided a useful spreadsheet for calculating the effect size for t-test and ANOVA, you could find the file at here.  He also wrote an extremely useful post about calculating CI, link.

NDC by Steiger, J.H., which could calculate the non-centrality interval estimation for the noncentral T, noncentral F, and noncentral Chi-Square distributions.

Smithson , M.J. (2003) also provides a useful SPSS script used to estimate the CI: link

Analyze the p-curve: link

1.3 R packages for psychological research

psych: personality and psychological research

mvmeta: Multivariate and Univariate Meta-Analysis and Meta-Regression

metacor: Meta-analysis of correlation coefficients

lavaan: latent variable analysis, I used it for CFA

effsize: calculate Cohen’s d and confidence intervals

lsr: Effect size calculations for ANOVAs

related packages: heplots, BaylorEdPsych
Notes on the use of R for psychology experiments and questionnaires by Jonathan Baron

1.4  我关于统计检验力和效应量的博客(Below is my Chinese posts related to statistic power and effect size)