Below are on-going projects I involved in, if you are interested in the development of my academic interest, see the end of this page.

On-going Projects:

  • Project 1: RepDopa. This project is a direct replication Anna Gerlicher’s 2018 study.
  • Project 2: EmoDopa. This project is an extension of RepDopa, from fear extinction to emotion regulation.
  • Project 3: Perceptual salience of self-positivity. This project was the core of my PhD study in Tsinghua University, Beijing, China. I’ve finished 9 behavioral experiments, 2 EEG experiments, and 1 meta-analysis. Now I am try to wrap the experiments up. See our preprint and my open notebook.
  • Project 4: ManyLabs. By manylabs, I mean many different large-scale collaborations I engaged in. More specifically, I’ve been part of the Human Penguin Project, the Kama Muta Project, and the face study (project 001) and trolley problem study (project 006) of Psychological Science Accelerator.
  • Project 5: Meta-research in China. I put all my effort to promote the awareness of reproducibility and open science in China in this project. You can have a better view of what I’ve done from here: 可重复性|Reproducibility.
  • Project 6: Assessing the psychometric properties Chinese version of Free will and Determinism Scale Plus (FAD+). This is a collaborative project with Qing-Lan Liu, a master student in Hubei University, Wuhan, China. We planned to access the reliability, validity, and measurement variance of Chinese version of FAD+. Now we finished the first part, see our preprint.
  • Project 7: Neuroscience bias. This topic linked my undergraduate study and my current field. In this project we re-evaluate the neuroimaging bias, a probably non-exist effect found by psychologist in 2008. We have done one pre-registered study and now we are preparing the manuscript.

*   I started my college education as an undergraduate student in law, 2005 (Note: the education system in China is different from US, UK, or many other European countries. I didn’t choose to study law but was assigned to this field. You may know a bit more about our system at here). In 2009, I started my academic career (humbly) in psychology. Since then I’ve tried different topics, including embodied cognition, neurolaw, moral judgement, and perceptual process of self-information. From 2015, I began to go deeper into the methodological issues because of the reproducibility crisis.

At the beginning of 2019, I began to contemplate my career in academia. The initially weak voice becomes increasingly stronger: I hope to study the emotion processes and resilience of the less well-off people. This voice was driven by three motivations: not studying WEIRD population but the “silenced” people with low SES (see Michael Marmot’s The Health Gap); using laboratory studies, and applying rigorous methods. Now, I am dreaming that I could have a movable psychophysiological laboratory and test different people in their own environment, just as what Neil A. Lewis is doing in the US now.

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