I have a broad interest in social cognitive neuroscience, especially those related to morality and justice.

What I am doing now:

The perceptual saliency of moral information        Moral information is essential for our social survival, so does it attract more attention than non-moral information? Using social learning task developed by Jie Sui (see her 2012 paper), we asked participants to learn the associations between moral information and simple geometric shapes, then asked them to perform a perceptual matching task by pressing buttons. In a series of experiments, we found a robust effect that the moral positive information was processed faster and more accurately. The underlying mechanism is being explored now.

Reproducibility       The replication crisis have attracted much attention recently, one solution to such crisis is enhancing the openness and transparency of science. I am working hard to make my own work more open and more transparent, and contribute to the international community by participating ManyLab project ( Also, I am an ambassador of Center for Open Science to promote the awareness of reproducibility in China (

What I hope to do in future:

SES, resilience, and brain     Poverty is a global issue and influences live of millions of people. How poverty influence people’s psychological and neural function? Can social cognitive neuroscience shed some light on the problems caused by poverty, and therefore promote mental health and well-being of people with low SES background?  These questions are what am I going to pursue in the future.

Reproducibility      I will continue improving my own research skills, to make my own research open and transparent, as well as promoting the awareness of open science in China.  In 14th Oct. 2016, my colleagues and I had hosted a workshop on how to enhance psychological research before the 19th National Academic Congress of Psychology of China at Xi’An, Shaanxi Province, China. Currently, I maintaining a Chinese blog on reproducibility related topic (

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