Manuscripts (* corresponding author)

  • Hu, C.-P.*, Yin, J.-X., Lindenberg, S. M., Dalğar, İ., Weissgerber, S., . . . IJzerman, H.* (submitted). Data from the Human Penguin Project: A cross-national dataset testing principles from social thermoregulation theory. (Preprint on PsyArXiv)
  • Liu, Y., Chen, S., Fan, F., Di, X., Fan, H., Feng, C., Gan, Y., Li, H., Lv, X., Xu, P., Yuan, B., Zuo, X.-N., Hu, C.-P.*. (submitted). Reporting Standard for Meta-Analysis in Psychology: Status and Recommendations (in Chinese). (preprint on Chinaxiv)
  • Yin, J.#, Hu, C.-P.#, Peng, K. (submitted). Are brain imaging results “over-persuasive” (in Chinese). (# equally contributed, preprint on Chinaxiv)
  • Hu, C.-P., Huang, Y., Eickhoff, S. B., Peng, K., & Sui, J. (submitted). Seeking the common beauty in the brain: A meta-analysis of fMRI studies of beautiful human faces and visual art. (preprint on BiorXiv)

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