Chuan-Peng Hu

Post-doc Researcher (2017 ~ currently)

Neuroimaing Center Mainz, Johannes Gutenberg University Medical Center, 55131 Mainz, Germany.

Email: hcp4715@gmail.com; Phone: (+86)15910258380;


2012.08 ~ 2017.07 Ph. D, Department of Psychology, Tsinghua University. ( Advisor: Dr. Kaiping Peng)

2016.02 ~ 2016.08 Visiting Student, Department of Experimental Psychology, the University of Oxford.  (Advisor: Dr. Jie Sui)

2009 ~ 2012 M.A. of Psychology, Hubei University;

2005 ~ 2009 L.L.B.; B.Sc. of psychology (Dual degree), Hubei University.


  • Hu, C.-P., Huang, Y., Eickhoff, S. B., Peng, K., & Sui, J. (submitted). Shared neural basis for experiencing the beauty of human faces and visual art: Evidence from a meta-analyses of fMRI studies. (preprint: http://dx.doi.org/10.1101/081539)
  • IJzerman, H., Lindenberg, S. M., Dalğar, İ., Weissgerber, S., Vergara, R., Cair, A., . . . Zickfeld, J. (submitted). The Human Penguin Project: Social Integration Protects Against Cold Climates.
  • Ijzerman, H., Čolić, M. V., Hennecke, M., Hong, Y., Hu, C.-P., Joy-Gaba, J., . . . Lindenberg, S. (2017). Does distance from the equator predict self-control? Lessons from the Human Penguin Project. BEHAVIORAL AND BRAIN SCIENCES, 40. doi:10.1017/S0140525X16001035
  • Hu, C.-P., Wang, F., Guo, J., Song, M., Sui, J., & Peng, K. (2016). The replication crisis in psychological research (in Chinese). Advances in Psychological Science 24(9): 1504–1518. pdf data
  • Hu, C., Di, X., Eickhoff, S. B., Zhang, M., Peng, K., Guo, H., & Sui, J. (2016). Distinct and common aspects of physical and psychological self-representation in the brain: A meta-analysis of self-bias in facial and self-referential judgments. Neurosci Biobehav Rev 61: 197–207. doi: 10.1016/j.neubiorev.2015.12.003 pdf data
  • Hu, C., Di, X., Li, J., Peng, K., Sui, J.. (2015). Meta-analysis of neuroimaging studies (in Chinese). Advances in Psychological Science, 23(7), 1118-1129. doi: 10.3724/sp.j.1042.2015.01118
  • Hu, C., & Jiang, X.. (2014). An emotion regulation role of ventromedial prefrontal cortex in moral judgment. Front Hum Neurosci 8. doi: 10.3389/fnhum.2014.00873. link
  • Hu, C., Deng, X., Zhou, Z., & Deng, X. (2011). Neurolaw: A marriage between young cognitive neuroscience and old law (in Chinese). Chinese Science Bulletin (Chinese version), 56(36), 3041–3053. doi: 10.1360/972011-1911. link

Academic Awards and Distinctions

  • Awarded Tsinghua Scholarship for Oversea Graduate Studies (£5,700), to visit the Department of Experimental Psychology, the University of Oxford (2016.02 – 2016.08)
  • Awarded Qing He Scholarship for Distinguished Graduate Student for 2014 – 2015, School of Social Science, Tsinghua University
  • Third Prize for Graduate Student Paper Award at 17th National Academic Congress of Psychology, Beijing, China, 2014.
  • Selected by the “Tsinghua-Peking-Berkeley” Ph.D. Program, Tsinghua University, July 2012
  • Award for Research and Innovation, School of Education, Hubei University (2012

Conference Abstracts (*oral presentations)

  • Hu, C.-P., Peng, K., & Sui, J. (expected 2017). Perceptual salience of moral character was modulated by self-reference. 18th Annual Convention of Society for Personality and Social Psychology’s, San Antonio, TX, USA
  • *Hu, C., Wang, F., Guo, J., Song, M., & Peng, K. (2015). Replication Crisis and Methodological Reform in Psychology (in Chinese). 18th National Academic Congress of Psychology, Tianjin, China.
  • Hu, C., Peng, K., & Sui, J. (2015). The modulation effect of morality in perceptual matching revealed by Event-Related Potentials. 8th Annual Meeting of the Social & Affective Neuroscience Society, Boston, USA
  • *Hu, C., Peng, K., & Sui, J.(2014). The modulation of moral status in perceptual matching: facilitation and arousal effects (in Chinese). 17th National Academic Congress of Psychology, Beijing, China
  • *Hu, C. & Deng, X. (2010). The Status and Prospects of Cognitive-Neurolaw (in Chinese). 13th National Academic Congress of Psychology, Shanghai, China


  • Supervision B.S. Dissertation for 3 psychology students (Hubei University, 2015 – Currently)
  • Supervision B.S. Dissertation for 4 psychology students (Hubei University, 2014 – 2016)

Professional Activities and Services

  • October 14, 2016, Organizer & lecturer,  workshop on “Enhancing reproducibility in psychological research”, Xi’an, Shaanxi Province, China
  • August 2016 Ambassador of Center for Open Science
  • June 26-30, 2016, Volunteer,  22nd Annual Meeting of the Organization for Human Brain Mapping. Geneva, Switzerland
  • 2011 – Currently Moderator,  52brain.com, the largest Chinese online forum for Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience researchers.
  • December 20, 2015, Organizer,  1st Seminar for Young Scholars in Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience. Beijing, China
  • July 2015 Volunteer,  3rd China International Conference on Positive Psychology, Beijing, China
  • May 10, 2015, Organizer,  5th Seminar of 52brain Club in Beijing, Beijing, China
  • April 27, 2014, Organizer,  4th Seminar of 52brain Club in Beijing, Beijing, China
  • November 24, 2013, Organizer,  2nd Seminar of 52brain Club in Beijing, Beijing, China
  • October 19, 2013, Organizer,  1st Seminar of 52brain Club in Beijing, Beijing, China

Professional Trainings

  • June 2016, Research assistant at the Department of Psychology, Oxford Brookes University, conducted a pilot TMS study with Dr. Sanjay Kumar.
  • August 2015, Workshop on Neuroimaging Data Visualization (ICHBD2015), Beijing, China
  • July 2011, The 3rd Summer School of Asian Association of Social Psychology, Kunming, China

Professional Membership

  • September 2016 Society for Personality and Social Psychology


  • Statistical analysis (R, JASP, SPSS, G*power)
  • Experimental design and presentation (Psychtoolbox in MATLAB, E-Prime)
  • EEG data analysis ( EEGlab and ERPlab in MATLAB)
  • fMRI data processing (meta-analysis of fMRI data with GingerALE and MATLAB code)
  • TMS (Magstim Rapid 2)
  • Language: Native speaker of Mandarin, Fluent in English