About me

Hi, Welcome to my page (请点这里查看我的中文简介; see my English C.V. here).

I am Chuan-Peng Hu, a post-doc researcher in Prof. Raffael Kalisch’s group at Neuroimaging Center (NIC), University Medical Center Mainz, Mainz, Germany. Our research topic is the cognitive-neural mechanisms of resilience to stress.

In the past few years, the replication crisis in science made me really concerned about the scientific rigor in research practice. I increasingly believe that open science is the best way for basic research. Here is what I’ve done to promote the awareness of reproducibility and open science.

I grew up in a village near Yangtze River in Hubei, a central province in China. Childhood in nature make me love outdoors. Rock climbing, mountaineering, and hiking are my favorite activities outside academia. I’ve climbed four mountains over 5000 meters and reached about 6 km of the Chola Mountain, Sichuan Province, China in June 2014.